VoIP with HLBR

Developer Murilo Vetter added some new tests to HLBR to test for attacks on VoIP traffic. But, before incorporating these changes into the last version, we decided to put it first in a separate version of HLBR (a svn branch), so it could be safely tested. Anyone who has networks with VoIP traffic and are willing to use this test version, please download HLBR 1.6 with the VoIP patch already applied here.

Remember: this is a test version, so it may have bugs that can cause malfunctions or even crash HLBR. Only use this version if you're willing to face these risks. One more thing: this version uses libosip2 to handle VoIP packets. Under Debian and Ubuntu, I believe it's enough to install the package libosip2-dev.

These new tests added into HLBR can be seen in the file rules/voip.rules of this branch. If you're interested only in this file and don't want to download the entire source code, just follow this link (web access to svn): http://hlbr.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/hlbr/branches/hlbr-voip-1.6/rules/voip.rules?view=markup